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About Biennale

di Portogruaro

The Photography Biennale of Portogruaro, in line with the strategies of the metropolitan city of Venice, aims, through photography, one of the most popular artistic languages in the new millennium, to transform the the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art “Ai Molini” into a privileged observatory of the world oriented from year to year, on the themes of the Venice Biennale.

The “goal” is to transform a dislocated place in the metropolitan city of Venice, of great artistic tradition as are the Molini Sant’Andrea (home of the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art), into a central observation point for looking at the ongoing transformations of contemporary society and its ways of life.

The transformations of the contemporary landscape and forms of living will be the privileged areas of the first exhibitions of the Photography Biennale of Portogruaro with the intention of weaving a direct thread with the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale.
With “EYES TO FEEL” the focus will shift from the spaces of living to those of being, dedicating the exhibitions to the representation of the human being.

During this biennium, activities will be organized with dissemination and educational purposes related to the exhibitions and themes covered in the Biennale.
The Photography Biennale of Portogruaro is organized by the RO.SA.M. Cultural Association, which is based in Venice and has a long experience of collaborating with institutional exhibition spaces.


Roberta Semerano

Writer, art critic and independent curator

Writer, art critic and independent curator, Roberta Semeraro is president of the cultural association RO.SA.M. In her professional career, she has collaborated with various institutional partners including the Ministry of Cultural Activities and Heritage for the promotion and enhancement of Italy’s artistic heritage and with foreign embassies and governments for the promotion of international artistic heritage. Active for several years especially in Rome and Venice, in organizing and curating art exhibitions, she is particularly dedicated to sustainability projects through the languages of contemporary art such as “Nine Artists for Reconstruction” conceived for the city of L’Aquila after the 2009 earthquake. She has written books, texts for art catalogs and newspapers, subjects and scripts for documentaries, and curated exhibitions of numerous national and international artists; newspapers and media have covered her activities. In 2018 she published with Progedit her latest book, “Rebuilding with Art,” which was presented at the Turin Book Fair in 2019.

She lives and works in Venice.


Costanza Salini

Costanza Salini born in Rome (Italy) lives and works in Utre

Costanza Salini born in Rome (Italy) lives and works in Utrecht(NL). Since 2021 she has been part of the curatorial team of RO.SA.M.
She began her photography studies in London, continuing them in Milan and Rotterdam in prestigious academies to explore the genre of humanistic photography. Through her visual art she addresses important issues such as the representation of the human body, fighting against stereotypes of beauty and affirming body positivity and body neutrality.

In 2021, she was selected as one of 150 photography talents in Europe through publication in the book Fresh Eyes sponsored by GUP magazine.
She graduated in photography in 2022 from Willem De Kooning Academy of Rotterdam.


Andrea Jemolo. Photography and Architecture in Dialogue
Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art “Ai Molini” Portogruaro (VE) – Via Molini

Andrea Jemolo born in Rome on March 10, 1957 focuses his visual research in the fields of art and architecture from the very beginning. Among his numerous photographic campaigns are those made for the Encyclopedia Treccani, for the publishing house Koenemann, for which he produced a volume on ancient Egypt (Egypt, Koenemann, 1997). He collaborates with Casabella magazine and the publishing houses Skira and Electa. In addition to the great reportages on the historical and artistic heritage, there are those dedicated to contemporary architecture created by prominent figures such as Sandro Anselmi, Piero Sartogo, Richard Meier and Zaha Hadid and Tadao Ando and many others.

2023 7 October – 5 December
Photography Biennale Prize Portogruaro 2023, The Shapes of Living.

“The Shapes of Living” award was conceived by the RO.SA.M. Cultural Association, on the occasion of the first Photography Biennial of Portogruaro, as a photography competition to promote the work of established and emerging artists of all ages and from anywhere in the world. The Photography Biennial intends to select from the competition entries, sixteen artists with a particular approach to the theme of the award. This shortlist of artists will be the protagonists of the group exhibition “The Shapes of Living” to be held from October 7 to November 5, 2023, at the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art “Ai Molini” in Portogruaro, in which each author will participate, with two photographs.

The photo exhibition will offer the public a unique and different perspective on the interior spaces of daily life.

2023 December 8 – January 7 Eyes to Feel – The Bare Soul

The 8th of December 2023 will mark the opening of the first edition of “EYES TO FEEL” curated by young photographer Costanza Salini, who lives and works in the Netherlands and was selected in 2021 as one of the 150 emerging talents of photography in Europe through the publication “Fresh Eyes” sponsored by GUP magazine.

“EYES TO FEEL” aims to shift the lens from the spaces of living to those of being. The first edition of the exhibition, with the subtitle “The Bare Soul,” will be a collective show dedicated to the pure and intimate representation of the human body and will host international names in photography. The names of the participants will soon be announced.