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The Photography Biennale of Portogruaro

We are pleased to announce the two ex aequo winners of the jury prize of the competition “The Shapes Of Living” concluded on November 4, 2023. The winners are:

Anya Tsaruk, Motherland

For the depth of the proposed theme, that is, for how the relationship between a mother and daughter “lives and inhabits” in such a dramatic and complex circumstance as a war and military conflict. Particularly striking about the project is first the protective and welcoming role of the daughter towards her mother fleeing from her homeland, a role that only after a journey, almost suggesting the idea of a further departure from bloody and violent scenarios, and a restful and calming sleep can reverse and return to “normality.”

Tania Palazzi, Rifugi Emotivi

For investigating and capturing in an absolutely original way very intimate and profound situations of emotional dwelling, through the virtuous interaction of a plurality of knowledge and technical/manual skills.

Our audience cast its vote by awarding the artist:

Alessandro Tagliapietra, Merlettaie

Living in Burano for almost 30 years and often seeing these ladies at work, I wondered what it would be like to photograph these icons of craftsmanship in their home, inside their realm, and not in museums or on the street, surrounded by tourists, well made up and harnessed as if they were on television. I wanted to portray them in their everyday spontaneity, in front of the hearth, slippers on their feet, smock over their shoulders.

It is at home that they work the lace most of the time, in front of a window or a glass door, alone or in company, or perhaps right at the doorway almost undecided whether or not to be portrayed.