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Eyes to Feel – The Bare Soul

Eyes to Feel – The Bare Soul

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The 8th of December 2023 will mark the opening of the first edition of “EYES TO FEEL” curated by young photographer Costanza Salini, who lives and works in the Netherlands and was selected in 2021 as one of the 150 emerging talents of photography in Europe through the publication “Fresh Eyes” sponsored by GUP magazine.

“EYES TO FEEL” aims to shift the lens from the spaces of living to those of being. The first edition of the exhibition, with the subtitle “The Bare Soul,” will be a collective show dedicated to the pure and intimate representation of the human body and will host international names in photography. The names of the participants will soon be announced.

The artists to be exhibited are Laura Sgherri, Lydia Metrál, Marie Le Gall, and Jesse van den Berg. The exhibition will open to the public on December 8, 2023.

Dialoghi tra Corpi, Laura Sgherri

Create a sharing of visions, an exchange, a dialogue. Curiosity acts as a driving force, the need for sharing acts as a support. I watch, observe, study, with pure curiosity to discover the other. I let myself be observed and studied by the pure curiosity of the other. The exchange devoid of judgment, becomes an intimate, vulnerable dialogue, full of curiosity and reflection, preconceptions, fears and judgmental thoughts emerge, but remain aside. The experience of observing and being observed becomes an acknowledgement of the preconceptions that automatically envelop us.

It takes time to heal, Lydia Metrál

Healing takes time, it requires a lot of patience, courage and love. Sometimes you have to destroy everything in order to rebuild, to be reborn, but it takes time and behind each wound there lies what makes us truly human. It takes time to heal is a project about fragility and resilience, a series of photographs, combinations of images taken over the last five years. It is my way of transcending pain, the anxiety of everyday life, of going beyond my fears in an attempt to make the human experience universal, to gather and unite the living.

De nacre et d’os, Marie Le Gall

Between the body and the self, nature and the imagery of home, the ephemeral and eternity, the series is a diary exploring my childhood, my definition of home, mortality, death and family. It traces a story of a happy childhood and a story of violence and its integration from the sexual abuses I suffered later on from the age of 20 till now in different relationships. My family has always been a support, big trees from which I could hang and feel safe. Recently diagnosed with HSV-1-2 after experiencing a sexual abuse, I want to document the journey of my self, my body, and its evolution.

Torsos, Jesse van den Berg

Torsos is an ode to the human body. While Jesse was growing up they felt quite alienated with being naked, feeling the need to always cover themselves up, even when taking a shower on their own. After embracing their queerness and meeting like-minded queers, they slowly felt more comfortable in their own skin. This was the moment that Jesse felt the need to work on representation that a lot of people missed. Where queerness and diversity are being celebrated instead of being hidden.

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